For a taxi during day time, just call:

  • Valley Taxi Ass. (284) 495-5539
  • Speedy’s (284) 495- 5240
  • Tiger’s Taxi (284) 495-7154, mobile (284)496-8535
  • People´s Choice (284) 499 - 6369
  • African Pride (284) 499 – 8189
  • NAT (284) 495-5470, mobile (284)496-6840

If you need a taxi in the evenings, please make a reservation during day time.


Local phone calls and international are complimentary.

Emergency numbers

Police 999 or 911
Fire 999
Ambulance 999



Close by are various tennis courts, please ask our Guest Service Coordinator to make a reservation or please call:

  • Little Dix Bay Hotel Tennis Courts, phone 495-5555, ext.137 Tennis Pro, Lucas Prices: Court – US$ 20 per hour, Court w/instructions US$ 80 per hour / US$ 50 per ½ hour
  • Tennis Court at Mahoe Bay, phone Leverick Bay Hotel 495-7421 Price: US$ 20 per hour
  • Tennis Court at Olde Yarde Inn, 495-5544 Price: US$ 40 per hour
Tips ~ gratuities

Before you depart, our housekeeper, concierge manager and villa maintenance manager and the pool maintenance person would be most pleased to receive any tips in recognition of their special efforts.

Trade winds

Sudden, strong trade winds may occur particularly in the winter season. Please do not leave anything lying for long or unattended in the open air. Particularly on the pool decks and verandahs, things such as books and towels should always be cleared away if you are going to be absent for a longer period of time. All personal possessions, clothes and beach towels should always be cleared away at night.

Tropical Showers

Brief, heavy tropical showers come literally out of the blue, particularly in the winter months. Do not leave anything lying unattended outside, and when parking, always close the car windows and sun-roof (however hot it may be!)


On the Gallery on the first floor of the Main House ”Pyramid” is a large Samsung Flatscreen and TV Stereo-Surround-System. Satelite / HD receiver (1000 channels). There is a DVD player, DVDs on request.

Videos & DVDs

We have a variety of over 500 films available for our guests use: children‘s movies,
our favorite films and music videos, classics as well as new releases. Please pre-order with the staff from the list in the TV-room.


If you’ve seen someone at the dock or a local bar, who looks like Robert de Niro, Dolce & Gabbana, Morgan Freeman or Heidi Klum – they might have been it! Not only the named above, but lots of celebrities love the BVI’s for the relaxed atmosphere and the discretion of people staying here.

Virgin Gorda

The island was discovered and named by Columbus on his second journey to America in 1493. Extensive literature exists and numerous novels have been written on the eventful history of the Caribbean, the tragic fate of many people and the enormous, often forgotten, economic significance of these islands for Europe and America. If you are interested, we recommend you start with Mitchener's "Caribbean". Stevenson's "Treasure Island" (the neighboring Norman Island) is interesting for children. Our library in the Living Room offers a selection of classical and modern literature on the Caribbean.


Voltage in the BVI is 110 volts. Voltage transformers and plug converters are available on request.