Maid- and Housekeeping- Service

The services of our housekeeper is daily 10 am to 4 pm, but can be adjusted to your needs.


Hand your post cards and letters to our housekeeper or our Concierge Manager, stamps and posting will be taken care of for you.


If anything is not working properly, please call our Concierge Manager, Ms. Debbie Bruce (284) 542-5004 or our Villa Maintenance Manager, Mr. Alston Bowens, mobile 499-3271

Management-Team of RED ROCK VILLA & SPA

Red Rock Villa staff and villa maintenance 

  • Mr. Ian FP Joseph (Villa Manager) mobile (284) 495-5193
  • Ms. Debbie Bruce, mobile (284) 542-5004
  • Mrs. Loretta Plummer (Housekeeper), mobile 544-0643
  • Ms. Sally-Ann Riley, (Accounting), mobile (284) 541-5153
  • Mr. Alston Bowens (Villa Maintenance, Pool Maintenance) aka "Ala", mobile 499-3271

The ten murals you'll see on the outside walls were created by Harald K. Herrmann, a German artist from Freiburg/ Germany, in Summer 2004.

He used the sights and impressions he saw at KATITCHE POINT GREATHOUSE to reproduce his own images. Discover their hidden beauties in different locations.

Must Does

The Baths
The main attraction on Virgin Gorda - many day trippers come from other islands especially to see this! The best time to visit this fascinating rocky landscape above and below the water (take snorkeling equipment along) is early in the morning or late in the afternoon, when it is a picturesque, dreamy place.

The leading travel review website TripAdvisor has listed The Baths on Virgin Gorda in May 2013 as their # 1 choice in the top 10 wonderfully unique beaches around the world. Reviewers list The Bath in their top 20 attractions to visit Virgin Gorda in addition to being named a Traveler's Choice 2013 winner.

Copper Mine
Drive to the old copper mine, currently being restored. The area is littered with rocks containing copper (please do not remove from site). The sea is unusually rough here, and the crashing waves are an interesting sight.
The copper mine ruins became the 20th National Park in the BVI’s in 2003, it’s one of the historical gems in the BVI.

Amerindians were the first to mine the area in the 1400’s, then Columbus noticed copper on Virgin Gorda. In the 1500’s, the Spanish mined in the area, while in the 1800’s through 1900’s, the English continued to extract copper and molybdenite from the mine. It’s a wonderful place to visit with easy access.

Rent a boat for a day
Exploring the wonderful islands by boat is an unforgettable experience. The boat owner or skipper will tell you the best areas for snorkeling. For example, feed the tropical fish off Necker Island. Have lunch on Saba Rock, in Marina Cay or at Willy T, a restaurant ship off Norman Island. And on the way home, enjoy the sight of the sun setting over the sea!

Paddle Boards see: Kayaks


Parrotfish are one of the most beautifull coral reef fish. Did you know… why do parrotfish eat algae and grind up coral? They’re making sand, one parrotfish can make over 300 lbs of sand in a year! What does a parrotfish population do when it has too many females? Simple, some of the females turn into males!


For professional photographing contact Hezikiah Maddox, phone 494-9142, email hezikiah@hezikiah.com.


The pillows on your bed are washable (polyester) and non-allergic.

Pina Colada Recipes

Pina Colada, Painkillers and other tropical cocktails can be found in various recipe books at the Pool Bar.

Police Station


Police  / Fire / Ambulance 999
Police Station, Virgin Gorda
Police Headquarters (284) 494-3822
Pool lights

The switch for the pool lighting is at the tiled counter at the pool (white and colour switches).

Relax with a swim before going to bed, and you will enjoy a wonderful sleep.
Please turn the pool lights off, before you go to bed.

Pool outlets

Please don‘t step on our beautiful pool outlets! We had them specially made by an artist in Germany.

Pool rules

For your own safety, please observe the pool rules which are clearly displayed on board in the pool area. Use of the pool is at your own risk.

  1. Watch your children all the time.
  2. Don't step over the curved horizon edge of the pool.
  3. Don't use any floating devices.
  4. Don't jump or dive into the pool.
  5. Be especially careful using the pool when under the influence of alcohol or prescriptions.

In the event of a power cut, Red Rock Villa has its own generator, which turns on automatically and turns off automatically, as soon as the voltage is constant again (safety coverage time is plus 5 minutes after power from Electricity Cooperation is back).

All rooms are equipped with emergency lights. There is a flashlight / torch in the wardrobe of your room.

All electrical outlets are 110 V.