All ceiling fans are operated by remote control. The middle key controls the 3 speeds. Please don't mislay the remote control units in the rooms. A charge will be made for any lost remote controls. All fan control units are marked to indicate where they should be located.


Explore the neighboring islands. Ferry connections to St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands (don't forget your passport!) and Tortola are offered by various companies; you’ll find the actual ferry schedule in your in-room copy of the WELCOME-Magazine - or call

  • Speedy’s (284) 495-5240
  • Smith's Ferry Service (284) 495-4495 
  • North Sound Express (284) 495-2138
  • Native Son Inc. (284) 495-4617 
  • Nubian Princess (284) 495-4999 
  • Jost Van Dyke Ferry Service (284) 495-9278 or 495-9477 
  • Peter Island Ferry (from Tortola) (284) 495-2000 
  • Marina Cay Ferry (from Beef Island) (284) 494-2174 
  • St. Thomas Ferry (from Tortola) (809) 775-6501 
  • St. John Ferry (from Tortola/West End) (284) 495-4166 
  • Saba Rock Ferry (from VG/Gun Creek) (284) 495-7711 
  • Private charter boat Speedy’s (284) 495-5240 or
    North Sound Power Boat Services (284) 495-7612

Call 999

A fire extinguisher is located in the Mainhouse´s bathroom and under the sink/kitchenette in the Masterbedroom.

First Aid Kit

Plasters, bandages, Dettol, burn cream etc. can be found on the shelves in the Spa-Suite.


In fishing season, “Buck’s Supermarket” and “Rosy’s” offer a nice selection of local fish and lobsters.

Local, fresh fish can also be ordered from “Sailor’s Ketch” in Tortola (284) 495-1100, your order comes by ferry to Spanish Town and you collect it directly from the ferry when it arrives.

Fishing, Deep Sea Fishing

For Custom Designed Sport Fishing, call SPEEDY’s 495-5235 or 495-5240. Email speedysbvi@surfbvi.com. Boat charter rates on request.

Summer is Marlin Fishing Season!


All floor surfaces are made of coral limestone from Dominican Republic. Although the floor is sealed, it is still porous. Please wipe any spillage immediately – thanks!


For special occassions tropical sprays and bouquets can be ordered from L&S Bakery and Party Supplies (284) 495 - 5151. Or ask our housekeeper to do a flower arrangement with flowers from our garden.

Full Moon Parties

The famous BVI Full Moon Parties take place in the evenings and nights of full moon
for example at Bomba Shack (Tortola). Press reports (Travel&Leisure, April 2006) were saying that Bomba Shack is not any more the hip full moon party place to go. Insiders now head to the “Fireball Full Moon Party” at Trellis Bay.

The upcoming 2017 and 2018-dates for Full Moon Parties at Trellis Bay/Tortola are:

Jan. 12, 17;  Feb. 12, 17; Mar. 11, 17;  Apr. 11, 17; May 10, 17; June 9, 17; July 9, 17; Aug. 7, 17; Sept. 6, 17; Oct. 5, 17; Nov. 4, 17; Dec. 3, 17

Jan. 2, 18;  Jan. 31, 18; Mar. 2, 18;  Mar.31, 18; Apr. 29, 18; May 29, 18; June 28, 18; July 27, 18; Aug. 26, 18; Sept. 24, 18; Oct. 23, 18; Nov. 23, 18; Dec. 22, 18

Ferry companies offer special late night ferries between Tortola and Virgin Gorda.

For information phone 284-495-1849